season 6

An unapologetic show brought to you by DUCKLIFE. Host Christian Eid talk to some of the regions most loved artists, thinkers, leaders, entrepreneurs and pretty much anybody worth listening to. A platform to share inspiring stories and ask questions that might lead some to ‘DUCK’ and deviate. Straight up raw, and sometimes a little over the edge. Expect dance breaks, swearing and points of view that might conflict with your own. But don’t just take our ducking word for it.


learnings from
a legend.

On duckit’s first episode this season, we tackle (deeply) personal subjects like honesty, gut feelings and bad decisions. Our first guest is Mike Fairburn, a legend in the music industry.


learnings and delusions of an entrepreneur.

Mark Chahwan, CEO and co-founder of Sarwa, reflects on his personal values, what it takes to question the giants of his industry, and the burden of responsibility. Or like uncle Ben told Peter Parker (aka Spiderman): “With great power comes great responsibility”.


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